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To apply you will need a valid Virginia Drivers License and a major credit card. Students may supplement a non-Virginia Drivers License with a current student ID. Minimum age for membership is 18.

Open Monday through Friday from 10am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 8pm (Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas Day)

All Titles - 4 Nights : $4.50 (Tax included)

Return Time
New Policy: You can now choose your own return date (within two weeks, for any non new release). Just tell us at time of rental and we will extend up to two weeks at no extra charge. As a courtesy to other members, this must be done at time of the initial rental. All other re-rental fees apply.
Payment to account balances will be due upon return of your rental. Unless paid or otherwise arranged for, account balances will be charged to your credit card. For any rental not returned after 30 days, you may be charged the retail purchase price in addition to all renewal fees.

Store Map
Our collection is housed on two levels and contains more than 24,000 titles.

Coming into town on 250, go a quarter of mile past the Ivy exit and look up and to your right. Coming from town, go 1 mile past the Emmett/University intersection and look up and to your left. Get detailed directions from Google.

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